My First Hair Straightening Experience

I’ve been natural for 5 years and have not straightened my entire head. This was true up until last Saturday. My soror recommended her hair stylist to me a few months back and I decided to book an appointment. I knew I could rest assure because she is newly natural (you know how the newly naturals act lol #noshade), always makes sure her hair is gone with the wind fabulous, and doesn’t let anyone (I repeat), anyone put their hands in her hair. I was confident I would look fly when my hair was done.

I walked into Eddie’s Barber Shop & Beauty Salon located in Somerset, NJ. I was greeted immediately and introduced myself to the hair stylists, Ms. Linn and Ashley. They both were very friendly with lovely spirits. I had a 11am appointment with Ms. Linn. Before Ms. Linn started, she give me a quick hair consultation, so she could get a feel for my hair. I initially wanted my hair colored, DC’d, trimmed, and straightened. She wants to learn my hair for the future, and she suggested that I get a DC, trim, and straighten for now.

I kindly asked Ms. Linn to walk me through the process and she was more than helpful! Here’s the cup of tea:

  1. Design Essentials Sulfate-free Shampoo was used to lift up any hair product build up.
  2. Mizani Thermal Smooth was used to shampoo and condition.
  3. Then, I sat under the dryer for about 15-20 mins.


  1. Ms. Linn detangled my hair very gently with a wide tooth comb.
  2. Hair was blow dried.
  3. I shared with Ms. Linn that my hair goal is to grow my hair out from a hair cut I received in May from being a hair model. She kept this in mind and gave me a trim using a fake blending method, so I can achieve my hair goal.
  4. She applied heat using a flat iron throughout my entire head.
  5. Lastly, Design Essential Sleek Edge Control was applied to lay my edges down.

Ms. Linn told me I would enjoy my experience and I sure did! Not only was she wonderful, but she provided me with advice in caring for my hair. Due to my naturally dry hair texture, Ms. Linn advised and emphasized I focus on moisturizing my hair. I currently have color, so she told me to be more gentle with the front of my hair to help eliminate split ends. She also suggested that I use pure coconut oil or almond oil in my mid-section to prevent any further breakage. For maintenance, I will be making a hair appointment every 4 months. As I mentioned in my re-transitioning story, I will be smarter this time around with my hair decisions, so I soaked all these valuable tips in.

Many times we visit a hair stylist for the first time, we leave unhappy with the service or the hair stylist went “scissor happy”. I didn’t have to worry about any of that. When she turned me around in the chair to check out my hair, I was in awe. I have never seen MY hair look this good in a very, very, very long time. “You’re dope!” were my exact words to her. In my 5 years of being natural, I have finally found a salon and hair stylists I can trust with confidence. I’m in the process of getting my hair back on track and there’s no need to worry with Ms. Linn on my side 🙂




If you are in the area, and want to hit the streets feeling beautified? I suggest you check Eddie’s Barber Shop & Beauty Salon out by contacting Ms. Linn via email at

Rating: 5 Afro Picks


10 thoughts on “My First Hair Straightening Experience

  1. That’s my Auntie! Helpful hair maintenance that’s ALWAYS on point. Love it. Blessed hands and a blessed heart. Enjoy tht hair Girlfriend.
    Auntie can I see u for the holidays? 😉

    • Hey Beauty! I have not washed my hair as of yet, but I will be doing so this week. I will blog about my post-straightening experience and will definitely let you know. However, I can say my emds are starting to revert back based on temperature changes, sweat, etc. I hope this helps for now.


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