Straight Hair Talk:: Stretched Twistout


Day 1: Stretched Twist Out

In my last post about My Post-Straightening Experience, I showed all my fellow curlfriends a twist out I did on my stretched hair because I wanted to fully live in the moment of having straight hair for a change. Soon as I noticed that my ends started to revert, I seized the opportunity to rock a stretched style.

I applied the LOC method:

    1. Sprayed my hair with Aloe Vera Juice for easy manageability & applied Kimmaytube’s leave-in conditioner recipe.
    2. Used Naptural85’s DIY Hair & Body oil mixture.
    3. Applied The Perfect Hair Cream inspired by Alex Elle.

Before putting my satin scarf on my head, I flat twisted the front and made two strand twists for the back (pictures can be found in previous posts). I never switch up the way I twist my hair at night.

I was happy with the end result & after day 1 of this look I attempted it again. The end results were:


Day 2: Stretched Twist Out

It was then, I knew my hair would fully revert & as you can see…I’m pretty okay with that 🙂



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