Traveling Hair Diaries..Keisha’s Hair & Humidity Don’t Mix

This past weekend, Jamilah & I drove to DC for her little sister’s graduation (we are more like family, than friends). Before we left, I prepped my hair with two strand flat-twists secured into bantu knots using:

  • Lily of the Desert’s Aloe Vera Gel
  • Oyin Handmade’s Juices & Berries
  • Carol Daughter’s Mimosa
  • B.A.S.K. Silk & Honey Latte: Detangling Hair Milk
  • Naptural85’s Flaxseed Gel (found here
I didn’t bring any hair products with me because I thought my hair would hold up. So, I thought :/ I took down my twists & fluffed my hair. It looked soo dope…UNTIL I stepped outside to get into the car. By the time I walked from the house to the car, my hair decided to be beyond disrespectful. As the days passed, I allowed my hair to do what it wanted to do until I had enough. In a few hours, it was time to turn up for my sissy’s graduation & I had to show out.
Jamilah suggested we go to Target to pick up some hair products to “reset” our strands. I was all for it! I mean, how could I not?! We both suffer from severe product junkyism *covers eyes*
The plan was simplicity! I wanted something quick, so it would have enough time to air dry before the party. Jamilah recommended that I purchase:

Target Haul

  • As I Am Coconut CoWash – $7.99
  • Oyin Handmade’s Burnt Sugar Pomade – Price cut: $12.59
I picked those products up with the quickness and was well on my way. When I first went natural, I tried the whole cowash thing & felt like my hair & scalp wasn’t as clean compared to using shampoo. My cowash days were shortly lived. Companies didn’t start making products solely for cowashing purposes until I had already dismissed the idea from my head.
Soon as we got to the house without hestitation, I headed to the bathroom. I was in LOVE! The cowash cut my detangling time in half. What curlfriend wouldn’t like this?! I was sold! Boy have times changed! I didn’t have a leave-in, so I used water and applied small amounts of the pomade as I twisted my hair. When it dried, I was amazed at the results. All this time, I could have used plain ole’ water & grease! You have got to be kidding me?!
Plain ole' grease & water

Plain ole’ water & grease

When I returned to NJ, I wanted to pinpoint the culprit that allowed my hair to look a hot mess. Come to find out, the hair milk contains Shea Butter glycerides. My hair has a love/hate relationship with glycerin & hates it in the summer (more on that at a later date). As the temperature warms up, I will NOT use any products containing glycerin for my hair sake; something I already knew, but somehow I didn’t skim thru the ingredient list good enough.
Lesson learned! I will follow Jamilah’s lead..for the next couple of weeks I’ll keep these products in heavy rotation. I will come back with an update.


FTC Disclosure: All items were purchased with my own money.




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