DIY Hair Treatment: Honeyyyy, Honeyyy

olive oil and honey


My hair and I have been in a battle lately. Not only have I been in a “style rut”, okay I really only have one style. hides face I seem to be struggling with the balance between motherhood, personal life, and work causing my hair to take a back seat. I still wash and condition weekly…deep conditioning with my beautiful Huetiful [steamer] has been quite non existent this summer. So after walking around with a head of hair that felt like hay and stalking Pinterest for DIY hair recipes, I decided to tackle my hair once and for all.

My hair was feeling and looking dry, dull and limp. So I settled on the following steps:

  1. Finger detangle using Coconut Oil and twist hair in sections
  2. Apply Shea Moisture’s deep penetrating conditioner to sections
  3. Using Shea Moisture’s shampoo, wash that bad boy! 
  4. Apply Trader Joe’s tea tree tingle conditioner
  5. *Insert your shower routine here*
  6. Rinse hair using cool water because cool water seals in the moisture

Usually I would just follow up with whatever deep conditioner was on deck, but as I said, Pinterest has taken hold of my life! So for the shine I was so desperately seeking…I decided to try a simple Honey and Olive Oil Treatment. I had no idea what to expect and I was concerned about my hair being sticky.

So after trolling my kitchen for the two necessary ingredients: Honey and Olive Oil…I got to mixing, I edited the recipe a bit (bad idea) and proceeded to slather the mixture from root to tip. Slapped a plastic cap on top and sat under my steamer. Then Rinse, Rinse, Rinse ladies, using a good but cheap conditioner to help get that honey out!

Honey Hair Conditioner

Mix 1/2cup of Honey with 1/4cup Olive Oil.  Mix well, remember that honey is a thick substance.

Benefits of Honey: Acts as a natural humectant, helping to retain moisture. Great for Dry and Damaged Hair.

Benefits of Olive Oil: Also, Great for Dry and Damaged Hair; helps to maintain a healthy and clean scalp.

So lets just get down to the pros and cons:


*The Mixture is sticky and sitting under the steamer just caused it to run down my neck…leaving me feeling sticky.
*Washing it out was a tad difficult. But it could be my fault…I should’ve done this treatment as a pre-poo.


*This DIY treatment definitely holds up to its promise. It produces shiny hair.
*The ingredients are usually already in your pantry.

Note: put this mixture in a bottle with a spout in order to keep the remaining mixture for storage.

So…who’s ready to get mixing??? Let us know how this treatment works for you if you give it a go!


Till Next Time,



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