Beauty Hack: DIY Gel Manicure

If you’re always in a rush…on the go…and like to save money, then you will love the next words that you’re about to read! You can give yourself a gel mani/pedi without wasting time at the salon, drying under a UV light, and without having to pay $50 and up every 2 weeks. (See yearly cost below)

Here’s what you will need to get that shiny finish, along with longevity of wear :

  • Gelous Base Coat (Purchased from Sally’s)
  • Your Choice of color/nail polish (I love Zoya, Essie, OPI, and Butter)
  • Seche Vite or Out the Door (both are fast drying top coats)

In order for your mani to last, first you must prep your nails/hands.


  1. Remove old nail polish

  2. Cut/file nails to shape

  3. Apply cuticle oil

  4. Push cuticles back

  5. Wash hands

  6. Apply hand cream


Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Viola!! Salon quality nails at a fraction of the cost! My results with this method have been really good! My manicure lasts about 5 days give or take.  Just a word of caution, allow at least 60secs for each coat of polish to dry for a perfect finished product. The best part all of this costs just under $20 bucks! You can’t beat that!

OPI A-Piers to be Tan

So give it a try and let us know how this beauty hack worked for you! With so many new products out, what other fast drying, gel like polishes should I try?

  • Salon Costs: $50/bi weekly = $100.00/monthly = $1200/yearly

FTC Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. None of the products mentioned were gifted to “Beauty n’ Curlz”.


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