Event Recap: RichWierdo x StrongHold Concrete Jungle Collaboration 

Some say Jersey doesn’t have a cultural scene. I’ve seen and heard people complain that there’s never anything to do in Jersey. However, that simply isn’t the truth. Jersey, is alive and well with culture, arts, and entrepreneurialism!  

On Saturday, we had the pleasure of attending a pop up shop for a collaboration between clothing brand RichWierdo x The Strong Hold Shop. The Concrete Jungle Capsule collection features joggers and shirts for the guy that’s not afraid of bold colors or prints. 

Artist Dee Thompson created a portrait of Basqiat while we sipped, shopped, and listened to music. A brother pop locked and battled a mannequin lol he’s the guy dancing in Picasso Baby. Needless to say, a good time was had! Being in a room with such eclectic spirits and creatives, showed that Jersey has as much culture as anywhere else. Big shoutout to friend and supporter of the blog Jeff [RichWierdo] on a successful event!   



Photo Cred: 2Strong & SuiteLifeStyle


Jamilah & Keisha 


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