Summer Reads: Titles to Inspire/Motivate

Who Reading Wasn't Sexy??

Who Reading Wasn’t Sexy??

Summer is in full swing! Can you believe it’s technically winding down? UGH!! I walked into Target yesterday and saw displays for back to school…I almost fell out right there! But I digress, this Summer I wanted to read more, so I’m checking it off my Summer Bucket List. I’m an avid lover of books and words, anything that can get my wheels turning, is a win for me! Recently I’ve been looking to get more organized, break some really bad habits (blah), improve management skills, and simply improve upon myself. Reading increases vocabulary and opens your mind to a new world, forces you to think outside of the box.

With that being said, I ran into my nearest book store and purchased some new titles and repurchased some titles I already read.

From top to bottom here are my Summer Reads:

Learn More Earn More Journal…Purchased from @; I use this journal to keep my to-do lists, ideas, notes and new book titles I’m itching to read.

  1. Who Moved My Cheese? by: Spencer Johnson, M.D. (2nd Time reading)
  2. The Power of Habit by: Charles Duhigg
  3. Secrets of Six-Figure Women by: Barbara Stanny
  4. The Four Agreements by: Don Miguel Ruiz (2nd time reading)

Titles Not Pictured:

  1. The Alchemist by: Paulo Coelho
  2. Between the World and Me by: Ta-Nehisi Coates

What are you guys ticking off your bucket list this summer? I’m looking to add some fiction titles as well…so if you ladies/gents have any suggestions, please feel free to leave the titles in the comment below.

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One thought on “Summer Reads: Titles to Inspire/Motivate

  1. With so much going on I have lost sight of my first love, which is reading. Thanks for bringing this to the forefront. I will be swing by target to see what grabs me.

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