Fall Approved: Titles to Provoke Thought & Inspir

Fall Titles

After a summer of reading some really awesome titles… why not continue this trend year round? Reading helps to expand one’s vocabulary, gets the imagination going, and last but not least helps to open the mind to new ideas. We love reading around here and this fall I’m diving into two titles that have been on my MUST READ list. I like titles that will motivate me, give me something to lean on during trying times, to provoke thought, and also maybe touch on social issues.

#GirlBoss by Sofia Amoruso

This book was given to me by one of my good friends and I’m finally about to dive into it. I think this book will round out my titles written by women to inspire women. #GirlBoss Sofia Amoruso started one of the most popular online shopping sites starting from the bottom and now she’s here letting us all know how she did it!

Between The World And Me by: Ta-Nehisi Coates

I feel like the world paused when I discovered Ta-Nehishi Coates. I was first exposed to this literary genius when he wrote THIS epic piece for The Atlantic. Coates, is in my opinion the voice of this generation’s Civil Rights Movement. He has several other titles and yes, I’ll get to those as well. However, this particular title, part memoir and biography, has received rave reviews all around. This title will begin my dive into social topics and I’m super excited about that.

What are you guys reading this fall? What titles are you interested in reading? What subjects do you prefer? Let us know! Happy Fall Reading!!


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